The Rules of the Libary

  • You can become a customer of the library by presenting your identification card and submitting your contact information to the library loan register
  • By becoming a customer, the customer accepts the rules of the library
  • The customer is always responsible for their loans.
  • Journals are not available for borrowing, but copies of articles can be requested
  • The loan period of books is four weeks
  • Loans can be renewed if there are no pending reservations
  • Books can be reserved by contacting the library. Loans that have reservations cannot be renewed
  • After a month of a missed return date, an automatic loan ban will be made by the library system to the customer
  • A loan ban can be removed by returning the loan or replacing the missing material
  • Copyright Library does not lend directly to customers from elsewhere, but interlibrary loans are provided to other libraries by request


You can get an account for the online catalogue by presenting your identification in person. When you log in for the first time, a Finna account will be automatically created for you.


Books can be reserved through Finna or by contacting the library directly. We only lend books, not journals or newspapers. If another customer makes a reservation on a book that is on loan, the borrower cannot renew the loan.

Loan Renewals

The loan period for books is four weeks. Loans can be renewed either through the online catalogue or by contacting the library. If there are no reservations on the loan, the loan can be renewed.

Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loans mean the lending of material between libraries. We deliver interlibrary loans to other libraries free of charge. Interlibrary loans are always made through the library from which the book is ordered. Other libraries may charge for interlibrary loans according to their own pricing. If you want to borrow a book as an interlibrary loan, please make a request through your own library.


We do not lend journals or newspapers to customers, but they can be read in the library and customers can take copies of articles. We also send articles from scientific journals, periodicals, and general magazines to customers by email. Please contact us if you find an article that you would receive to have an electronic copy of.


If you want to borrow or explore materials located in the library's storage, please contact the library in advance.

Acquisition requests

You can suggest items in our collections here or by contacting the library.