Nordic Copyright Symposium 2024

Tanskalainen Dansk Selskab for Ophavsret isännöi tänä vuonna pohjoismaista tekijänoikeussymposiumia Kööpenhaminassa Den Sorte Diamantissa 25.-27.9.2024. Pohjoismainen tekijänoikeussymposiumi (Det Nordiska Upphovsrättssymposiet) järjestetään 2-3 vuoden välein eri Pohjoismaissa.

Tapahtuman ohjelma on julkaistu, ja ilmoittautuminen on avoinna 10.9.2024 saakka.

Det nordiske ophavsretssymposium 2024

It has been two years since the last Nordic Copyright Symposium in 2022. And a lot has happened since then, also on the copyright front.

Among other things, we Nordic countries have had time to implement the DSM Directive.

Additionally, AI technology has gained momentum. We now have AI programs like ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and AIVA, which can create incredibly convincing texts, images, and music based on users' linguistic commands.

But the technology raises many very difficult copyright issues. One question is whether works created with the help of AI can be protected by copyright, and if so, who holds the copyright, the user or the AI providers? Another question is whether AI technology entails copyright infringement, and how such infringements should be handled.

How have the Nordic countries implemented the DSM Directive, including its Chapter 3 on contracts?

Can material created using AI be protected by copyright?

And who holds the rights in that case?

When is text and data mining for AI development legally permitted under copyright law?

Does AI technology also entail copyright infringement apart from this?

If so, how should we handle it?

Get answers to this and much more at the IX Nordic Copyright Symposium, organized by Dansk Selskab for Ophavsret.


Nordic Copyright Symposium, organized by the Dansk Selskab for Ophavsret, and held at Den Sorte Diamant in Copenhagen.

See the full program for the Nordic Copyright Symposium 2024 - Thursday, September 26 & Friday, September 27, 2024.

The symposium opens with a reception on September 25, 2024, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


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